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Expert, Reliable Collision Repair - Since 1964 in Holmdel & Wall, NJ

It's important for you to understand exactly what will happen to your vehicle during the collision repair process at Holmdel Auto Body. As our customer, you will receive the finest quality repairs available.

The "10-Step" Process to auto body repair:

Step 1 - Notice of Loss
  • Contact Collision Repair Facility
  • Collision Repair Facility Confirms Loss Report to Insurance Company
  • Obtain Claim Number from Insurer
  • Collision Repair Facility Consults with You & Assesses Your Needs
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Step 2 - Estimating and Evaluation
  • Collision Repair Facility Provides Written Estimate or Proceeds to Repair Agreement
  • Collision Repair Facility Establishes Repair Completion Date According to Your Needs, Repair
  • Complexity, Parts Availability, & Insurer's Authorization
  • Collision Repair Facility Reviews Estimate with Insurance Company(If Applicable)
  • Complete Pre-Repair Inspection & ...
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Step 3 - Claims Management
  • Repair Authorization Signed
  • Insurance Coverage Limitations Assessed & Confirmed
  • Payment Policy Reviewed & Decisions Made
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Step 4 - Repair Process Management
  • Parts Ordered
  • Parts Received
  • Complete Pre-Repair Wash
Step 5 - Initial Repair
  • Repair Process Begins with Tear-down & Disassembly
  • Additional Insurer & Customer Authorization
  • Any Hidden Damage Detected & Supplement Written If Necessary
  • Any Additional Parts Ordered & Repairs Continue upon Arrival
Step 6 - Structural Body & Metal Repair
  • Structural Repair Performed in case of Heavy Hits
  • Body & Metal Repairs Made According to Exact Tolerances
  • Parts Installed & Fit Inspection Completed to ...
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Step 7 - Refinishing Painting Process
  • Primers and special base colors added
  • Vehicle is baked to cure refinish coats to meet factory ...
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Step 8 - Reassembling Process
  • Vehicle is re-assembled
  • A post-repair cleaning is complete
  • A final inspection ensures that all repairs standards have been met
Step 9 - On-Going Care and Maintenance
  • Customer is notified when repairs completed
  • Re-inspection at predetermined later date
  • Discuss any ongoing body maintenance such as annual body tune-ups, and minor recondition and repairs
Step 10 - Delivery
  • Repairs are reviewed with customer to explain the techniques used during the repair
  • Warranty on repair provided to customer